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Battle of the Brains is Central Virginia’s longest running TV high school academic quiz show. Broadcasted throughout Virginia over the years, Battle of the Brains has highlighted the diversity and intelligence of more than 3,500 of the brightest young minds of The Commonwealth. Approaching the 50th year of its creation, Battle of the Brains has been, and hopes to continue to be, a vehicle for displaying academic achievement and excellence.

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    This week: All-Star match

  Congratulations to Princess Anne High School.

2023-24 and back to back Battle of the Brains Champions!



Battle of the Brains can be seen on the following television stations:

WTVR Richmond
WTKR Norfolk

WTVR- Channel 6, Richmond, Saturdays, 10:00am

WTKR- Channel 3, Norfolk, Saturdays, 10:00am

See all Battle of the Brains episodes here: Battle of the Brains- YouTube