All-Star Game Rules

All-Star Show

Eight all-stars will be selected by the Battle of the Brains staff. However, instead of playing as individuals, 2 teams will be selected by random drawing. There will be an A Team:# 2,.4,6,8 and a B Team # 1,3,5,7. If as sometimes happens, there are 2 all-stars from the same school, the highest number from that school will switch sides with the highest number from the other team. Teams will not have two students from the same school. The 4 students from each team will have a maximum of ten minutes to pick their captain. The regular rules for the season will apply for the all-star game. Good luck students-congratulations on your selection as an all-star. The “All-Stars” features 8 individual players. Each player competes during 2 Toss-Up rounds and a Category Round. The decisions of the Battle of the Brains judges in the studio are final and cannot be appealed.

Toss-Up Rounds

Toss-Up questions/penalities are worth 10 points each in the first round and 20 points in the second. Toss-Up questions interrupted with an incorrect answer before being completed incur a 10/20-point penalty and the question completed for the opposition. There is no penalty for incorrect answers to completed questions. After 3 incorrect answers, the correct answer is given.

Sudden Death Round

A “sudden death” round will occur if two or more players are tied at the end of the game. The first player answering correctly is declared the winner. No penalty occurs for early ring-ins and incorrect answers during “sudden death”.